About Us

Our Mission:

To honor the Lord Jesus Christ, to promote His Kingdom and reflect His unconditional love by providing 
spiritual, physical, and 

financial support to the needy; providing resources and facilities for the educational development of children in the greatest need. 

Supporting missions and missionaries worldwide. 

Mathew 25:31-40

Our History:

CMI was founded  by the late Rev. Dr. Monica Mckenzie, as a non-profit, faith based organization.
It was incorporated in the State of Georgia, USA, June 1, 1999 and in Ontario, Canada August 13, 2009.

Our Area's of Ministry include:
- Building and restoration of Basic Schools for early childhood education in Jamaica since 2008. 
- Construction of a Church building in Burkina Faso, West Africa.
- Sponsoring a missionary to Cambodia and establishing a bible school and youth     center there. 
- Providing aid to the hurricane victims in Haiti.
- Supporting an orphanage in Kenya
- Missions trips to Zambia to provide medical assistance to the AIDS orphans and building an orphanage.  

This organization was established by a small group of life-long friends, whose desire was and is to the facilitate the work of the “Kingdom of God” by pooling their resources, and reaching out to others in their sphere of influence as well, in order to realize that vision.

CMI was inaugurated in 1999, and Incorporated in the State of Georgia.

Our projects include:

  • Financial and Spiritual support for a Missionary to Indochina/Cambodia.

  • Mission Trips to Zambia in support of humanitarian and medical help especially for the orphans of AIDS victims.

  • Identified a great need for Facilities etc. for Early Childhood Education in Jamaica, so far resulting in financing the construction and support of 4 Basic Schools in some of the neediest areas.

  • Financed the construction of a Church/Community center in the village Of Napone, Burkina Faso, Central Africa.

  • CMI is administered by its President and Board of Directors along with dedicated volunteers.

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