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Hart Hill
Basic School

Hart Hill District, Portland, Jamaica

Dedicated in November 2022 and serves 48 children. 

Project Goal

Enhance education and the overall learning experience of children in Hart Hill, Jamaica, by constructing a new basic school.


Project Description 

The Hart Hill Basic School project constructed a new 2,160-square-foot school building with a kitchen and sanitation for 48 students. The project was completed in October 2020. Due to Covid restrictions, the school inauguration was held in November 2022.


The school construction entailed the following:


  • Three classrooms

  • Electrical wiring and connections

  • Plumbing with external drainage and manholes

  • Septic tank and tile field

  • Termite treatment

  • Bathroom with partitions and shower stalls

  • Storage area

  • Sick bay

  • Tiled floors

  • Refrigerator and stove

  • Internal and external painting

  • Covered walkway with guardrails

  • Perimeter fencing

  • Playground equipment (slide, jungle gym, seesaw, and swing)

  • Metal school sign


This new school has the potential to accommodate approximately 40 additional students.

An attractive educational atmosphere can only have a positive rippling effect on the community and ultimately the country. Motivated students empowered by inspired teachers can excel and make an invaluable contribution to society!

The Hart Hill Basic School is located in the parish of Portland. It has been serving the district of Hart Hill for over 60  years. In  2004,  Hurricane Ivan caused widespread damage, leaving the school without a roof and damaging its structure. The roof was repaired; however, the building kept deteriorating and eventually reached a point where it was no longer safe.

The new school boasts three classrooms, bathrooms with partitions and shower stalls, a storage area, and a sick bay. The school is equipped with plumbing that has external drainage and manholes, and a septic tank. The floors have been tiled and a covered walkway with guardrails protects the children and students from the elements.

The entire school has been painted and a playground equipped with a slide, jungle gym, seesaw, and swing has been constructed. The new building and playground are secured by a perimeter fence that keeps the children safely inside the school’s grounds.

Approximately 60 students from more than six communities are currently enrolled at  Hart  Hill  Basic  School.  The school currently employs a  principal, seven teachers, a cook, and a janitor.

The teachers also appreciate having proper equipment such as teachers’ desks and chairs. The principal, Jen-Marie Pryce, said that Hart Hill Basic School is now the envy of other schools. She added that the community is also proud to have such a nice school.

“There aren’t words to describe our gratitude,” Jen-Marie said. “When we were praying and hoping, we did not expect such a big gift. When we started out at first, we were looking to repair the old structure, but the investigators explained, which we knew, that the building was irreparable. We needed a new building and so, the process started. And today, we have this building and are eager to receive the additional classrooms.

“There were times when we lost hope, but if it was not (for) Mrs. Thora Levy (Christos Ministries), we would not have this building and our students would not be as comfortable as they are today. This, for us, is like coming from a little hut into a mansion. Mrs. Levy has been such a strong and needed support for the school. At one point, we desperately needed a deep freeze and she sent the funds, so that now we have one in the kitchen.

“We have tried several fundraising activities, but we couldn’t improve our situation on our own. There was no way to do it on our own. At times, I was frustrated but I prayed. I kept praying and waiting for the miracle to happen. For us, Mrs. Levy and her organization are a miracle from God, and we are eternally grateful. The reach and the impact will be wider because some of the children that we have are not even from this immediate community,” Jen-Marie added.

George Brown is the chairman of the school and believes that without the support of the donors (Christos Ministries), the students of Hart Hill would still be attending classes in a less-than-desirable environment.

“If the donor did not come on board, I can tell you for a fact that we would not have a building at this time. We have been advocating for many years for a new building and no one was willing to come forward except this donor. The donor has certainly answered our prayers.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, we are truly grateful that we can have a building that we can boast about, thanks to Mrs. Levy and her ministry,” George stated.

Michelle Lindo teaches 4-year-olds and told us that the old building was so crowded that students had to move their seats to allow other students to pass. There was also only one bathroom for the boys and one for the girls. Sadly, the lines for the restrooms would get so long that some students would have accidents while waiting.

Michelle also complained about the leaking roof that allowed rain to damage the students’ learning aids and textbooks. She recalled one September morning, when it rained so badly that rainwater ruined all of the new school supplies and bags that the students purchased for the year. The parents were very upset because of the money wasted on supplies that were damaged on the first day of school that year.

“When I realized that we were finally getting a new building, it was such a relief,” Michelle said. “It is far more spacious; the classrooms are colorful, and we now have proper lighting. The students are excited, ready for learning, and are progressing really well. Also, more than one student can go to the bathroom at a time and they don’t have accidents like before. They have adequate wash hand stations and they are excited about it.”


Rodi Campbell is one of the caregivers in the daycare. She told us that the new building is spacious, comfortable, and clean. She added that since they have been using the new building, none of the parents have complained, which means they feel comfortable leaving their children in the new school.

Rodi said she was not that familiar with the history of the school; however, based on what she is observing, she believes Hart Hill Basic School is really blessed to have donors who care.

“It is very heartwarming to see all the support the school has been receiving from the donors,” Rodi said. “I would like to add my appreciation by sending a very warm ‘thank you’ to the donors. This building is well appreciated. Our children are comfortable, and they are properly cared for,” Rodi added.

Kewane McDonald told us that she chose to register her daughter, Adrianna Riley, at the new Hart Hill Basic School because she had heard positive things about the school and wanted her daughter to have the advantage of a safe school that offered a child friendly environment.

“On behalf of the parents, I just want to say thanks to the donors,” Kewane said. “We really appreciate this new building.”

Because you acted with Christ’s love and compassion, the children in Hart Hill, Jamaica, have a new basic school that is conducive to learning. Bless you.

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