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Primary and Infant School

Hendon, JAmaica

Dedicated in November 2022.

A few of our Board of Directors and President recently visited the Glendevon Primary and Infant school. Christos Ministries Inc. was able to help double the number of 4-6-year-olds the school can enroll. The Jamaica Observer highlighted this visit in a recent article. Click below to read more.

Project Goal

Enhance the overall learning experience at Glendevon Primary School by constructing a new infant department.


Project Update

We are happy to report that the construction of the new infant department at the Glendevon Primary School is finished. Here is everything we were able to accomplish, with your help:


  • Completed preliminary work:

    • Foundation

    • Superstructure

    • T1-11 ply ceiling

    • Collar tie

    • Roof support

  • Completed the corridor

    • Installed floor finish and tiling

  • Installed the following:

    • Steps

    • Ramp

    • Electrical connections

    • Fittings and furnishing

    • Perimeter fencing

    • Play equipment

    • Rainwater harvesting system

    • Additional furniture

    • Concrete septic tank

  • Completed the following:

    • Internal and external painting

    • Sanitary appliances

      • Disposal

      • Water

      • Bathroom partition

      • Bathroom door installation

    • Grillwork

    • Superstructure materials

    • Fire protection

    • Fan installation

Your support has provided the students and staff with tiled floors, sanitary bathrooms, a kitchen for serving, clean water, grillwork for safety, furniture and appliances, playground equipment, a handwashing station to ensure proper hygiene, and more.


glendevon principal.png

Audrey Lee-Paynado
Principal of Glendevon Primary and Infant School

One of the best ways that we can contribute to nation-building is through education. We are so thankful that the donors share the same sentiments and decided to share their kindness with us."

glendevon infant coord..png

Donya Allen-Thompson 
Infant Coordinator

We cater to students from low to medium-income families. Some of the students, from neighboring communities, are from settlements residing on captured land. For these parents, having a school like this makes them super excited and very thankful.”

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