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Supporter Impact:

Hart Hill Basic School and

Glendevon Primary and Infant School


Hart Hill Basic School

Since our last update, we at Christos Ministries Incorporated, have been busy and have wonderful news to share. Your generous support is impacting the lives of many children, teachers, and administrators in Jamaica. We witnessed the impact firsthand on our recent trip to inaugurate two completed Basic Schools. Past President Thora Levy, current President Mervyn Levy, and Board Member Wendy Levy represented Christos Ministries Incorporated at the inauguration of Hart Hill Basic School in Portland and Glendevon Primary School’s Infant Department in Montego Bay.

The principal of Hart Hill Basic School, Jen-Marie Pryce, said that Hart Hill Basic School is now the envy of other schools. She added that the community is also proud to have such a nice school. “There aren’t words to describe our gratitude,” Jen-Marie said. “When we were praying and hoping, we did not expect such a big gift. When we started out at first, we were looking to repair the old structure, but the investigators explained, which we knew, that the building was irreparable. We needed a new building and so, the process started. And today, we have this building. There were times when we lost hope, but if it was not (for) Christos Ministries, we would not have this building and our students would not be as comfortable as they are today. This, for us, is like coming from a little hut into a mansion.” The Hart Hill School serves 60 children.

Glendevon Primary and
Infant School

The Principal of the Glendevon Primary and Infant School, Audrey Lee-Peynado, spoke about the impact education has on their community: “One of the best ways that we can contribute to nation-building is through education. We are so thankful that our supporters share the same sentiments and decided to share their kindness with us.”

Audrey thanks you for your support, saying, “You have given us a lovely state-of-the-art building with classrooms, a computer lab, a kitchen and dining area, a principal's office, a sick bay, restrooms for both students and staff, a shower area for the students as well as a beautiful play area. We welcome this venture greatly.”

Donya Allen-Thompson, the infant coordinator at Glendevon Primary, also sends her praises to you for your selfless initiative. Donya explained the impact you have made on the community, saying, “We cater to students from low to medium-income families. For these parents, having a school like this makes them super excited and very thankful.” The Glendevon Infant Department serves 50 children.

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