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Seaforth Primary School Rainwater Harvesting Project

Project Goal

Provide constant, clean water to the students and staff at Seaforth Primary School, promoting a healthier teaching and learning environment.


Project Update

Thanks to your support this water harvesting project is complete! We accomplished the following activities, which were made possible because of your gracious heart:

  • Installed the concrete base to support 1,000-gallon tanks

  • Installed plastic tanks, pumps, and fittings for water storage

  • Installed guttering and hardware for rainwater collection

The work you have done here has benefited 345 students, 30 school staff members, parents, and other community members. Access to water will help these students stay healthy during the school year. Thus, enabling them to gain a proper education to create a better life for themselves.


Screenshot 2023-08-09 at 3.20.05 PM.png

Neisha Buckley-Ford

Principal of Seaforth Primary School

My security guard came and informed me the first day that we were without water and said he had turned on the pump. All I could do was say okay very proudly with a big smile. Getting these tanks [has] made a big difference. I see a happier staff and happier students. Now, we even get water to the bathrooms upstairs, which was a great challenge before. Our system not only allows us to get water from the pipes, but it is also a water harvesting system, so when it rains, we are able to catch that water and use it ... Trust me, there are times when we have a lot of rain.” 

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